Monday, December 8, 2014

It is the Season for Watching Dolphins in the Gulf

Dolphins have always been a marvel of nature for ages. They are very friendly to humans and it is always fun watching them in the gulf off the shores of Port Aransas. It's winter season but some dolphins stay in the gulf year round. Winter may be the best time of the year when you can watch dolphins in the gulf - since it is not so hot. In Texas, you can have the best of both worlds by enjoying watching the dolphins as well as doing some port Aransas fishing.

Loads of Fun for the Whole Family

When you are in the gulf, you and your family gets to have an opportunity to connect with nature. It is during this time that every member of the family can enjoy themselves in a serene and leisurely environment while watching dolphins, fishing and having a great time. Give your family the perfect retreat this season by taking them to the gulf and make sweet memories together by taking a dolphin watching cruise.

Some fishing charters port aransas may have a slow day and take you out to the bay area for dolphin watching. If it is during the winter months - take an extra layer or a heavy jacket. It can get windy and cold.

Some of the wild dolphins you may see are spinner and bottle nose dolphins. Dolphins are very social animals and will actually swim up to the boat and to greet the crew on-board.

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